Fire Damage Restoration

Emergency Restoration & Cleanup

Fire Damage Restoration in Cincinnati, OH

Has your home or office been ravished by a recent fire? When fires happen, it's hard to know what to do next when standing in the middle of your burned belongings. Know that when you call Rescue Brothers Restoration, you don't just have a home cleaner, you have a life restorer. Our IICRC certified and insured team is dedicated to the full eradication of all fire and smoke damage to your home or office, while doing it as professionally and quickly as possible. We strive to restore your life back to normal! 

If you are having an Emergency and your home or office is in danger, Call 911 NOW! DO NOT TRY TO PUT THE FIRE OUT YOURSELF! 

If you have just discovered damages, DO NOT START CLEANING UP YOURSELF! Give us a call to come out, inspect the property & provide documentation for insurance, and schedule a cleaning crew to help save as much time, money and your valuables as we can! 


Let us help you through the process, every step of the way!


Our 24/7 Emergency Line is always available for your call. We'll ask a few questions about the current problems and get a team out to you as soon as possible! 

2. Inspection & Walkthrough

Our certified technician team arrives at your property and begins inspecting the damages. We assess and itemize the damages and your belongings to ensure nothing is missed!

3. Remove, Renew & Restore

After the assessment is complete, our restoration team gets to work on getting your property back to normal. We also handle all of the insurance and permits for you!


Don't Wait Another Second. Call Rescue Brothers Restoration NOW! 


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Smoke Damage Restoration in Cincinnati

We restore fire and smoke damaged home for all of the Cincinnati, OH area and beyond. Smoke damage from a fire causes more damage to your home than just broken materials and a bad smell. Smoke severely damages your foundation deteriorating your home's frame even if it was not directly affected by fire damages. Smoke tends to climb to the top of your home during a fire, but if the fire is not put out quickly, the smoke can easily damage the entire building. 

Once the fire has been put out, our team can get to work remove the non-salvageable debris from the home, and then we start the smoke eradication. We then determine the best course of cleanup action to take on your property. Certain fire types (like chemical fires) require a more extensive cleanup process. The building and air quality must meet specific conditions before the space can be used like normal. 

Give the professionals at Rescue Brothers Restoration a call today to restore your home from any fire and smoke damages! 


Fire & Smoke Damage FAQ's

How Can We Help?

The U.S. Fire Administration ( collected consensus data from the last 20 years on the common causes of fires in Residential Properties and they found the top causes of home fires (not in order): 

1. Appliance and Electrical Fires - As regulations and products continue to improve, we see less electrical fire's from bad connections and most fire's coming directly from appliances that need electricity. The most common appliance that causes home fires is your Dryer. Dryer's have a lint collector and when that compartment is not emptied, it can build up and become an instant fire starter. Be sure to always check your dryer lint backup. 

2. Cooking Fires - Grill fires on residential properties have resulted in an estimated $37 million in property loss each year. 

3. Heating Fires - Heating fire's remained the second leading cause of residential building fires.  Malfunctioning and outdated heating systems and portable heating accounts for most of the fires in your home. 

4. Smoking Fires - Cigarettes & E-Cigs

5. Intentional Fires - Fire's labelled as intentional fires as categorized as: fire pit fires and open flames, burning fire's, lighter and fluid accidents and even 4th of July fireworks.

When a Fire occurs in your home, not only does it create liability to your home's foundation, the smoke build up destroys air quality and can cause severe damage to your heart and lungs if too much bad air is inhaled. For the reasons, we HAVE to re-locate you to a different property while your home is getting restored. 

Yes! Rescue Brothers Restoration provides ALL of our Restoration Services for commercial properties! Gym's office buildings, construction and much more! 

The entire fire and smoke damage removal and remediation process can varying in length based on the affected areas, the amount of damage and the type of fire. Typically the full process can take between 1-9 months. 

Getting you the most out of the recovery process is our #1 concern. We work directly with your insurance, handle the documentation, and guide you through the smoothest transition back to your normal life. Every insurance and every claim is different, but know Rescue Brothers Restoration will help handle all of the messy details! 

Rescue Brothers Restoration is IICRC Certified and Insured!