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Have you discovered mold in your home, or fear there is mold in your walls? Then you need to call Rescue Brothers Restoration right away! The longer mold and moisture sit in your home, the greater the risk of harm on your family and personal belongings. Mold doesn't just get into your walls and foundation causing structural damages, Mold lives in the air and can cause serious respiratory problems! 

Don't go another minute with mold harming your family, Call Rescue Brothers Restoration right away! We'll come out to your property (residential or commercial), inspect the problem areas and give you an estimate right away!  Our team of experts will help walk you through every step of the process when it comes to restoring not just your property, but your piece of mind. 

If you have just discovered mold, DO NOT START CLEANING UP YOURSELF! Give us a call to come out, inspect the property & provide documentation for insurance, and schedule a cleaning crew to help save as much time, money and your valuables as we can! 


Let us help you through the process, every step of the way!


Our 24/7 Emergency Line is always available for your call. We'll ask a few questions about the current problems and get a team out to you as soon as possible! 

2. Inspection & Walkthrough

Our certified technician team arrives at your property and begins inspecting the damages. We assess and itemize the damages and your belongings to ensure nothing is missed!

3. Remove, Renew & Restore

After the assessment is complete, our restoration team gets to work on getting your property back to normal. We also handle all of the insurance and permits for you!


Don't Wait Another Second. Call Rescue Brothers Restoration NOW! 


Why Choose Rescue Brothers Restoration?







Mold Removal in Cincinnati, OH

It's time to Rescue your home! After our initial assessment is complete, we get to work extracting ALL the mold and remove the destroyed non-structural property. Mold tends to thrive in dark, wet, warm spaces, making it harder to find. Our team of mold removal experts will get into the origin of the mold that is hidden from our normal site. We use state-of-the-art mold & moisture detection technology to make sure we uncover ALL of the mold in your property. 

Before we can start any building restoration and odor removal, we must first remove all the mold and damaged material. We extract water or muck out sewage or other standing liquids, but drying requires air movers and you don’t want to use this and contaminate the other areas with mold spores by blowing them around. That is why all mold must be removed from before any drying can occur. 

Don't go another minute while moisture continues to hurt your home and family. Call Rescue Brother Restoration right now for a free mold removal estimate! 


Mold Removal FAQ's

How Can We Help?

1. Your home feels more humid

2. Rotten or dirty smell

3. Allergy or Asthma flare ups

4. Visual warps or bubbling in your walls or paint.

5. AC/HVAC filter must or bad filter smells.

These are just a few of the many Signs of Mold living in your home

  • Install a moisture/humidity sensors to keep moisture levels low
  • Check plumbing and appliances for any potential leaks 
  • Consistent cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup 
  • Remove all porous materials after a mold outbreak
  • Get professional remediation services from Rescue Brothers Restoration to completely remove all mold!

Yes! Rescue Brothers Restoration provides ALL of our restoration services, including mold removal and remediation for Commercial Properties. 

Our mold removal process can take anywhere between 1-9 months for full extraction and remediation. The amount of mold damage to your property will determine the amount of cleanup and restoration that is needed to get you safely back to normal!

Rescue Brother Restoration's team of experts will provide an estimated timeline of cleanup after evaluating the total damages.

Getting you the most out of the recovery process is our #1 concern. We work directly with your insurance to handle all mold damage, handle the documentation, and guide you through the smoothest transition back to your normal life. Every insurance and every claim is different, but know Rescue Brothers Restoration will help handle all of the messy details! 

Rescue Brothers Restoration is Licensed for Mold Remediation in Ohio and Kentucky, we are currently working to get licensed in Indiana as well! All of our technicians are IICRC Certified and insured.